Father’s Day Tribute

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I wrote this piece two years ago, and my father was still here with me. I simply have a hard time realizing that he is gone from this world, and yet, I know that he is at peace. As I shared in this piece, I know that through the trials and tribulations that occurred over my life, and during the times that I shared many of those with him, he was teaching me. I didn’t always know it at the time, yet, he was guiding me, and steadying me for some future challenge that would call for #Resilience. Each of us go through our days wondering if we are going to make it, and I think that the most #Resilient of us actually are more prepared to encounter the next great unknown, often due to the challenges we faced as children, young adults, and/or due to an event that might have just happened. I have initiated a few books over the last couple of months, and the ideas are flowing in my mind, yet, are not all down on paper, and yet, I can hear my father’s voice telling me to keep going, to keep striving for success, and to never give up!

The children’s book is focused on building a Recipe for Resilience, the book on leadership will more than likely be titled, “Lead with Resilience, for your heart, mind, and soul” and the more in-depth book focusing on my ideas about the overall importance on #Resilience will help individuals learn about issues of #Resilience through stories of my life, those in my family, then will take readers on a personal journey of their own resilience, which I hope will lead them to an understanding that each of us can impact the resilience development of others.

I share this with you because, I bring it back to my father, and to my mother, who passed away so many years ago. Both of them have an indelible impact on my life, and one that I hope to convey to you through these books, and my spoken words.

Simply put, I hope to help others with building their #Resilience, and support each of you in becoming an individual who recognizes that sometimes the simplest of acts can make the greatest change in a person’s life.

I plan to keep blogging as well, and to share my progress with you all.


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