Ask Yourself, Who Am I?

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We all tend to move so fast through our lives, both professional and personal, and often I see individuals lose sight of themselves due to the perceptions of others. On the professional side it could be those with whom we work, or those that we lead, and unfortunately, the perception is sometimes developed from those that disdain us for doing the things that are right on behalf of those we serve.

It is during these times that we must stop, and take pulse of ourselves. We must, stop, and reflect. We must stop, and ask ourselves, “Who we are?” It is an exercise that when done with frequency can help you to develop that internal strong perspective that can guide you through any challenges that may present themselves to you. Here’s my example of a quick reflective piece of writing that I actually penned over five years ago:

Who am I?

I believe that public education is a moral imperative that cannot be achieved without conscious, purposeful, thoughtful actions by many with focus on our children.

I believe that by striving to build relationships that are built on trust, accountability and care, we, as educators, can lead by demonstrating collaborative efforts, teamwork, and passion to provide the best for students.

I believe that through building and seeking to understanding perspectives and differences we further broaden our grasp of the issues and are better positioned to seek solutions to issues and concerns. When we seek to understand cultural competence, and the appreciate the unique differences in our children and their families, we are more emboldened to work on their behalf to provide access and equity so that they may grow and develop in peace.

I believe that that through hard work, we can bring about change that matters for children, their families, and the greater good within our communities.

I believe that through practices that share knowledge, teaching skills and targeted strategies, and through examination of our practices, without fear of losing ourselves in change we can build a broader, more sustainable foundation for all educators upon which to reach our goals, and support students in reaching theirs.

I believe that when wrongs are occurring in our systems, no matter who is committing the wrongs, they must be addressed. When we allow inappropriate actions to go unnoticed we are complicit in allowing these behaviors to become the norm, which can destroy the foundation we are trying to build.

I believe that we each own a responsibility to work on providing for our children, and that to use them as leverage to get our way is an action lacking in integrity.

I believe that when caring, compassionate adults purposefully work together, we can improve opportunities for all children. I believe that if we consistently work together then we are better able to provide educational environments that are engaging, positive, thoughtful, and supportive of children, their families, and our greater community.

When students are held to high standards, are supported to tap into their latent resiliency that is ever present, we, as educators, can say that we are creating educational environments where Transformational Resiliency occurs!

Settling is not an option!

Advancing mediocrity is not an option!

Acting in incompatible means to accomplish these goals is not an option!

First believe, then act, then believe again!


Again, I wrote this over five years ago, and I like to think that no matter what comes, if I know who I am, and I work to align my actions, thought and deeds to this, I am on the right path. Sure, I make mistakes, and of course sometimes feel the pressure to see myself the way some naysayers might, yet, through practice, and resolve, I reflect one more time.

So, I ask you, one more time, “Who are you?”

Dr. Rob Martinez, AKA “Resiliency Guy” is the Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources in the Fairfield-Suisun Unified School District. He speaks on issues of #Resilience development, #innovation and changing school systems to focus on each child as a unique being. Follow him on @twitter and instagram as @ResiliencyGuy.

#ACSAPowerfulTogether #VOTESuperRob4VP


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