Do you see your shadow?

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Did you see your shadow? Are you hiding in the shadows? Have you found your spotlight? Will you share your light with those around you?

Questions, questions, questions, all about ourselves.

Are you happy with your answers?

Often enough we move from moment to moment, day to day, etc., and we do not stop and consider what we have either accomplished during our moments and days, or if we are actually being successful. We might either be resting in our own shadow, comfortable and calm, or we might be dancing in the sunlight ready to move forward. For each person the choice to hide in the shadows or dance in the light is personal, yet, if we become too comfortable in one location we just may fail to gain the perspective from another view. Strive to see yourself and others from multiple perspectives.

Try to appreciate the coolness in the shadows, while also recognizing the warmth from standing in the light. Learn to move back and forth between the shadows and light, while allowing those around you to shine, and rest as needed. It’s knowing that the flexibility inherent in being a human adds to the greater mastery called life. Peace!

Dr. Rob Martinez often writes on issues of #Resilience and is becoming well known as @ResiliencyGuy on twitter!


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