#Resilience Reflection – Each Moment An Opportunity to #Inspire

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As we enter into December 2016, I ask you to #SPARKLE “Share Positive Actions Reflecting Kind Loving Encounters.” If we are share the #SPARKLE that we find in the world we can brighten the world!

Transformational Resiliency

As many of you might be aware I focus a lot on the issue of #resilience development, its importance as a personal skill for all, as an essential asset for our students, and as a trait that can be nurtured in each of us.

Well, I heard a story of a student at one of the elementary schools in my district, who, a few days ago was identified by a teacher as simply sitting alone during the day, when he should have been in class engaged in a learning opportunity. She explained that this boy appeared to be seemingly lost in personal thought, and possibly in need of a friendly smile or kind interaction. The teacher sharing this story with me said that she was drawn to this young boy to check on his welfare.
She shared that once she said “Hi” to him, he seemed to be generally fine…

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