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I hope that you hav give yourself a moment or two today to recognize the amazing individual that you are. Just this week both of my older sons each lost a young friend well before they should have. In each circumstance, there was apparently nothing that could have been done to stop the tragic loss, and yet, the message his home that we only have this one opportunity to be ourselves, to be human, to connect with others, to focus on being the best and most amazing person that we can each be.

Though my general goal is to seek to #empower others to focus on their personal growth, development, and resilience, each one of the strategies I promote focus on the importance of #connectedness with those in your life.

Connect, connect, connect! Appreciate, appreciate, appreciate!

Give yourself the opportunity to be part of life, to help others, and to love, love, love!

To my sons, all four of you, I love you! Dad

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