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Transformational Resiliency – A video Blog

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Dear all,

About 18 months ago, I filmed this video, and placed it onto youtube.  I was seeking to outline some of the concepts of the ideas of Transformational Resiliency.  

Simply put it is an approach to connecting, empowering, building relationoships with, and enhancing a child’s personal resilience though purposeful actions.

I offer it here in this blog post as a means to support and connect with you, and to provide a context for the broader ideas that I hope to bring to the community of educators who are seeking to support children in developing resiliency.

Peace, Dr. Rob Martinez, AKA @ResiliencyGuy and DrRobM_FSUSD on #twitter

Dr. Martinez will be presenting at the National Conference on Resilience in Education in Las Vegas the weekend of December 5-6, 2015. Check out the following link for more information on the conference.



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Source: “Sometimes”

I hope that you hav give yourself a moment or two today to recognize the amazing individual that you are. Just this week both of my older sons each lost a young friend well before they should have. In each circumstance, there was apparently nothing that could have been done to stop the tragic loss, and yet, the message his home that we only have this one opportunity to be ourselves, to be human, to connect with others, to focus on being the best and most amazing person that we can each be.

Though my general goal is to seek to #empower others to focus on their personal growth, development, and resilience, each one of the strategies I promote focus on the importance of #connectedness with those in your life.

Connect, connect, connect! Appreciate, appreciate, appreciate!

Give yourself the opportunity to be part of life, to help others, and to love, love, love!

To my sons, all four of you, I love you! Dad

@ResiliencyGuy on twitter.


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“Sometimes” by Resiliency Guy


#Resiliency Sometimes its about being present in your world, and offering support to those that need it without hesitation!
#Resiliency Sometimes its taking a moment to see the love that is in your world and making a decision to give love back to the world!
#Resiliency Sometimes its facing a small issue that has held you back, and making a determination to persevere, that leads to massive growth!
#Resiliency Sometimes its about appreciating the life before you, recognizing that each challenge of the past led you here, and moving ahead!
#Resiliency Sometimes it is about hope, belief, mindset, that help build your goals and passions. Don’t underestimate your human potential!
#Resiliency Sometimes its not just about checking off boxes in your plan, its about taking a step, re-evaluating, then stepping again!
#Resiliency Sometimes its about taking off the limits of the world, and recognizing that every successful person is a human being like you!
#Resiliency Sometimes its about giving trust to those in your world, so that you free yourself to grow and expand your perspective!
#Resiliency Sometimes its about persistence, seeing the future you, and knowing that you have the power to become who you want to be!
#Resiliency Sometimes its about igniting a passion deep within yourself, or others, so that their light within becomes a palpable guide!
#Resiliency Sometimes its about providing others with the skills, tools, insight, to empower them to face their challenges with gusto!
#Resiliency Sometimes its taking on a huge challenge, one step at a time, with dedication and focus, to conquer the world.
#Resiliency Sometimes its about letting your passion soar, unleashing the burst of ideas within your head, and about hoping to connect with another person.
Here’s hoping to connect with you!
Dr. Rob Martinez, aka @ResiliencyGuy on twitter strives to empower individuals to develop their personal resilience, and to work to engage and support all of our children through purposeful actions and behaviors. He will be presenting at the National Conference on Resilience in Education the weekend of December 5-6, 2015 in Las Vegas, NV. Plan on attending!
National Conference on Resilience in Education

Connect, Appreciate, and Build a Sustainable Transformation

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Connect, Appreciate and Build a Sustainable Transformation

Connecting: When we connect, even for a moment, we demonstrate the ability to build relationship, be human, show love, and to build a community.

When we connect with those in our environments we take the first step in demonstrating to them that we care, that they matter, and that we believe in the value of them as a person with individuality, ideas, and thoughts that matter to us. We tell them that not only do we care about them, but they have a place in our world, and in our collective reality. Whether this connection is a simple acknowledgment, a wink and a nod, a brief conversation, or a heartfelt hello, we must strive to ensure that we are making these connections.
Think about it, in your world, when people take that moment to actually connect to you do you feel more alive. I think that as we go through our busy days, we often become so consumed eith our internal thoughts, our minds focused on problem solving, and with gathering information from our technological devices, that we sometimes forget to recognize that others are seeking to connect with us.  For example, as I was ruminating over my day’s work, driving home, stopped at a stoplight, with the news radio blarring at me, I happened to look to my left.


It took just a few seconds, and yet there she was. An elderly African American woman I didn’t know, sitting in the passenger seat of the car to my left.  She smiled, gave me a little wave with her small right hand, and nodded to me. It was no more than a few fingers being lifted to let me know that she saw me, and that smile and nod refocused me into realizing that my work-day, though long, filled with the troubles of others, and with complex problems with solutions that were hopefully on their way, was actually not that bad at all. She let me know that she saw me, she connected with me, she ackknowledged my exsistence, and I was grateful.
Appreciation: If we miss a moment to show appreciation, we miss an opportunity to potentially change the world! Don’t miss those moments!

Do moments in your day seem to fly by in clusters where you move from cluster to cluster without recognizing the efforts of others? For me it happens all too often, and I want to be better at recognizing the efforts of others, then in demonstrating appreciation for the efforts of others. This will take a conscious deliberate effort in seeking to notice these efforts, and a purposeful response to demonstrate that I’ve noticed, and appreciated those efforts. Please consider joining me in these efforts.
It could be as simple as saying, “Thank You.” It could be as simple as writing a post-it-note with a smile on it, and leaving it in a conspicuous place for the person to find, or it could be a brief email, text, snapchat, tag in a twitter post, or any other entry into the technological stream that the person swims, to let them know that you noticed, and appreciated their efforts. The venue isn’t the important thing, it’s ensuring that the person that you want to demonstrate appreciation for realizes that you care, you noticed, you appreciate them, and that you are not taking for granted their efforts.
Our world today is moving so fast, and yet, it is these moments that are so important to us as people, and it is these moments that could actually make an impact on our personal story, the story of the people in our world, and the broader world in general.  Consider how your reality might change if you offered more appreciation to others. Could you ingnite a new way of acting with people in your reality? Could this new way of acting spread to those people, and their realities? Could we, as some have said, actually change the world by initiating a “Chain of Appreciation” that links us all together? What if we could? Why wouldn’t we?

Building a Sustainable Transformation: This takes ideas, dedication, and follow through! #Resilience #EachPersonMatters

To change the world is no easy feat, and yet, what could be more meaningful? So to those that actually dare to take on this challenge with me, I say, “Welcome, to wherever you are,” and “Let’s travel this journey together.” Whether you are a teacher, an educator, a person who cares about others, or the head of a major corporation, it just doesn’t matter, since no matter who you are, you do have the ability to change your world, impact the world of the people within your world, and quite possibly, change the entire world.

You simply need ideas that you believe in, dedication to initiate a change in your own behavior, and perserverance to follow through on your own behavior.  In addition, if you create opportunities for others in your world to follow your example, and set expectations for those in your world that will lead to them supporting your ideas, then your goals become closer to your reach.


As this blog suggests, if you seek to increase your personal connections with others at every opportunity, if you begin to increase your appreciation for others that you are connecting with, you will be taking significant steps to build a sustainable transformation in your world, that can, and will, impact those in your world, and quite possibly ignite a change to our collective world. I ask again, What if we could? Why wouldn’t we?

Peace, Rob Martinez, Ed.D.

Dr. Martinez, strives to empower adults to build environments for children where they can “Grow in Peace.  He can also be found on twitter as @ResiliencyGuy and @DrRobM_FSUSD

Dr. Martinez will be presenting at the American Associationi of School Personnel Administrators Conference, “Human Capital Leadership Summit” in Monterey, California, on December 3, 2015, and at the “National Conference on Resilience in Education” in Las Vegas, Nevada, the weekend of December 5-6, 2015.