Refresh, renew, rekindle, reflect, and recharge those batteries

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I think that each person has an unlimited ability to bring positivity to the world, and yet, if each of us gives, and gives, and gives without taking time to recharge our batteries we do run the risk of running on emply, and sputtering out like an old VW Bug.  Thus, it is important for each of us to refresh, renew, rekindle, reflect and recharge those batteries.


Each of our journies is important, and yet, if we stay on the same course for too long we run the risk of running ourselves into a rut. We must remember to pull to the side of the road, take a pit stop, small the flowers as they say, and heck, even eat a candy bar. It’s the simple pats of our lives that can become so important to refreshing our spirit, our palate, and our perspective of the world.  Maybe your choice will involve a smooth bottle of red wine, an oyster or two, or even some freshly cooked french bread, just remember to take that moment, breathe, breathe again, and smile before you get back on your journey.


Have you done something new lately? Tried painting, sung a new song, karaoke perhaps, or even taken a new route though the grocery store.  It might seem so simple, yet having a new experience, or even changing up an old experience can lead you to see things in a differrent way.  Our eyes, senses, brains are all looking for new ways to see things so give them the experiences they desire. By keeping things fresh we offer ourselves new growth opportunities.


Have you taken a step back, and considered why you do the work you do? Is it just for a paycheck? Is it just a job? Or, have you found your passioin? Or, do you remember why the work you do is your passion? Or, do you need to find a new passion in the work you do?  Simply put, your passion should guide your work, and if it doesn’t, take some time to rekindle your passion, or find a new passion in your work, or find new work that you can be passionate about. My dad once said to me, “If you do what you are passionate about you will never work another day in your life.”


Upon review It might seem just a bit selfish to consider refreshing, renewing, and rekindling your life, and yet, the practice of reflection is so essential to mindlfulness and growth, and is of paramount importance to self-actualization.  For those that don’t take time to reflect they run the risk of self-presumption, and potentially false confirmation that what they have done or are doing is always right.  While those that take the time to reflect on their actions, their choices, their thought patterns, and their lives, place themselves in a better place to change things for the better.  Remember, reflection doesn’t mean that you have to review everything, and change it all! It simply means that you give yourself time to consider things and determine how you can improve parts of you personal  puzzle for self-improvement.


Believe me, I am not perfect, and often I am one of those folks that doesn’t give themselves the opportunity to refresh, renew, rekindle or reflect, and I can absolutely feel my batteries getting drained as I drive myself into a rut.  I have realized that I find it difficult to sustain a super high energy level with no rest, and I need to be reminded to slow down, take a pit stop, smell the flowers, eat a candy bar, and enjoy it wirh a smooth bottle of red wine.  

Remember, it’s okay to give, and give, and give, just understand that its also okay to give yourself some time as well.  You will be glad you did.   

Dr. Rob Matinez is the Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources for the Fairfield-Suisun Unified School District, and is a Board of Director for the Association of California School Administratorscan.  He can also be followed on twitter as @ResiliencyGuy and as @DrRobM_FSUSD 


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