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Tale of Two Types of Teachers

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Tale of Two Types of Teachers.

Every day, every child, every moment, every connection, each and every child matters! So many people have been touched by this post.  Whether you were a student who might have had either of these types of teachers, you understand.  Whether you were or are a parent whose personal experience falls into the category of a teacher who tends to threaten the success of your child, you understand.  Whether you are a parent who has had the wonderful fortune to have had a child benfit from an amazing teacher, you understand.

I wrote this post, not to disparage teachers, however to identify some of the variance that is present in our reality, and to also identify som of the challengs that ar present for those of us directly involved in the education field as we strive to support educators who are in the field, and to those that are considering entering the field.  There are a number of great resources and people who are doing it right! There are a number of powerful educators who are committed to supporting those who are trying to do it right! And, there are a number of individuals who are striving to connect with these supports so that they actually learn the best way to currently be an effective educator.

If you are a parent, and your child struggles, it is time to step up, take on the challenge, and make your child a priority! Talk to your school administrator, speak to your child’s tacher/s, reach out to those in pow in your school district, and engage them in a conversation about your child.  Help them understand that your child is the most important person in the world, and work with them to provid nw opportunities for your child.

Hang in there, and understand, you are not alone!

Peace!  Help all students to grow in peace! @ResiliencyGuy @DrRobM_FSUSD