Every Connection Counts-Build #Resilience-Promote #Grit Development

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I’ve been attending the Association of California School Administrators Leadership Summit this week, and the themes of Connecting with others, building and supporting Resilience, and advancing Grit Development for everyone have risen to the surface in many of the presentations and keynotes. Many have read this post, and I’m wondering if you were able to take on the challenge to really focus on one of your interactions this week? I hope to continue to build on these themes, and I do hope that some of these words are connecting with you, supporting your resiliency development, and bringing the premise of Grit Development to your life.

Transformational Resiliency


Every Connection Counts-Build #Resilience-Promote #Grit Development

My dear friends, 

In case you hadn’t thought about it recently, this post is directed at helping you to be reminded that each connection counts, every moment is precious, each interaction is unique, and thank goodness it is our human ability to connect with others, to be able to realize the importance of every minute we have, and deeply understand that when we interact with others that those moments are a true gift of humanity whose dividends can change the world.  

Further, when we accept and use these precious gifts as we proceed through life we are better able to propel ourselves into the world to create an impact of positivity that can send ripples of kindness across the world.  Yes, we absolutey should “Toss Kindness Around Like it’s Confetti!” Consider how our world would be a different place if we brought the…

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