Month: July 2014

A Burst of Inspiration!

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Sometimes inspiration comes in bursts! Welcome to my evening  of inspiration! Follow me  on twitter as well!

@ResiliencyGuy: #Resiliency Wake up each day, and open your eyes not only to see, but to visualize and create the world that you want to see yourself in!

@ResiliencyGuy: #Resiliency You must love what you choose to do, and you must choose to do what you love! Never settle, never doubt, never give up!

@ResiliencyGuy: #Resiliency To build a trusting relationship you must first offer trust to others. Let them know you trust them via words and actions.

@ResiliencyGuy: #Resiliency Seek to support each person within your sphere of influence, and better yet, seek to support those you don’t know even more!

@ResiliencyGuy: #Resiliency Plan, work, improvise, improve, adjust, plan, work, improvise, improve, adjust, and keep it going!

@ResiliencyGuy: #Resiliency A child has one opportunity to live a life supported by the adults around them. Always be one of those they can depend on!

@ResiliencyGuy: #Resiliency For some of us getting up, showered, dressed, and out in the world could be courageous activities. Respect others goals!

@ResiliencyGuy: #Resiliency Small acts, simple thoughts, friendly deeds, are all important-never underestimate the value in any kind interaction.

@ResiliencyGuy: #Resiliency The person you show to the world should be one you are proud of even if you did not know yourself! Be the hero of the story!

@ResiliencyGuy: #Resiliency Your passion, belief, faith, and internal fortitude are assets that you bring with you anywhere you are, use them for good!

@ResiliencyGuy: #Resiliency Facing any obstacle with the intent of overcoming that obstacle is a must! Never doubt your own resolve! The power is in you!

@ResiliencyGuy: #Resiliency As you start each day consider the challenges that await as a blessing, a quest, and a goal, for without them the day is lost!