It’s always personal: Transformational Resiliency in Action-Reflect-Persevere!

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It’s always personal: Transformational Resiliency in Action-Reflect-Persevere!

I don’t remember consciously focusing on my personal resilience as a young child, yet, as I take a moment to reflect on some of the circumstances that are the collective of my now distant memories, I find myself remembering many moments that provide for my current awareness of what it takes to support resiliency development in our children today.  Each of these memories includes not just an environmental scene, they also include people.  People who made each situation personal, the good, and the bad, they are both personal.

Family circumstance, environmental situations, cultural dynamics, educational setting, and personal motivation and resolve, all are important ingredients to our memories, and though they are not an exhaustive list. they are important when we consider the need to support, nurture, and assist children with developing into well-functioning human beings.  Yes, there is more to be considered when we try to address the needs of each child that we aim to support, but these categories help us understand ourselves just a bit more.  

Within each of these categories further lies personal connections that must be present and forged for individuals to connect with their world and flourish into healthy humans.  There are relationships that must be invested in and built for our memories to become solid foundations upon which children can grow.  There are also moments that we should try to avoid so as to not create unwarranted trauma for children that could stunt their development. Can we control all of the moments in a child’s world, no, nor should we seek to control them all, yet we can focus on building more positive moments each day.

Read and reflect about these questions for a moment:
-Does your definition of “family” define you? 
-Are you simply a compilation of every environmental situation that you have ever been in? 
-Was your personality defined by your cultural teachings, and are you limited by historical offerings about your “culture”? 
-Are you only as astute as the educational settings that you had the good fortune or mis-fortune to experience? 
-Did you simply decide to become who you wanted to be, and you arrived?

More than likely your reflective answers to these questions are complicated, and truly could only be answered by understanding and discussing a multi-layred web of connections between these categories: family, environment, culture, education, and personal motivation and resolve, are inter-twined, and each of these components, especially as they relate to each of us, hold’s very personal memories, filled with relationships, and connections to other people.  Thus, it is safe to say that these multi-layered web of connections are built upon thousands upon thousands of personal moments that we have lived, and more than likely have lived with others in our environments, which makes them personal not to just one person, but potentially to many.

These inter-twined moments, these opportunities to be somewhere, anywhere, with another person, especially children, cannot, and should not be taken for granted, as each of them holds an opportunity for a memory to be formed, a light to be lit, a true opportunity to support resiliency development. The development of a child’s positive mental health, and an opportunity for continued positive growth of the mind, are outcomes that we want more of for our children, so it is incumbent upon us to be aware, be conscious, be present at each of these moments, as they hold an opportunity to change the world. We must further recognize that each time we have the chance to connect positively in a personal manner with others, especially children, we must use that opportunity for good.

Am I finished growing, developing, shifting, becoming resilient? Not even close. Am I getting better at understanding that what I do, say, don’t do, don’t say, can impact those in my environment? I’d like to think that I’m getting better, and I hope you are too!

Please follow me @ResiliencyGuy and @DrRobM_FSUSD and continue to always help all of our children to “Grow in Peace!”



3 thoughts on “It’s always personal: Transformational Resiliency in Action-Reflect-Persevere!

    pgilders said:
    April 21, 2014 at 9:14 pm

    What a nice reflection and how we can use our memories to help build resiliency in our children and our students. The power if resiliency should never be underestimated.

    It's always personal: Transformational Resilien... said:
    November 10, 2014 at 12:06 pm

    […] “It's always personal: Transformational Resiliency in Action-Reflect-Persevere! I don't remember consciously focusing on my personal resilience as a young child, yet, as I take a moment to reflect o…”  […]

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