Transformational Resiliency

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Each day that we are here offers opportunities to create environments for our children that support and encourage them. Let’s allow the lives we help them live be the measurement of our success.

Transformational Resiliency

I define Transformational Resiliency as the following: The growth, development and strengthening of a child’s personal resiliency as a result of providing an engaging, positive, thoughtful, supportive, educational environment. This blog is intended to provide an avenue to share ideas, concepts, approaches, and thoughtful considerations to do just that. I believe that the ownership of the current state of affairs belongs to educational leaders, school and district governance teams, teachers, communities, and children themselves, who hold the power to become resilient if they are provided opportunities to do just that.

A few months ago I wrote an article that addressed four specific actionable strategies that school administrators could focus on to advance their schools focus on Transformational Resiliency. I provide them again here for your consideration.

1. Participate in purposeful and conscious actions essential supporting resiliency: This means that school leaders must make and take the time to discuss with…

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