What verse will be written about you?

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imageHow will your chapter read? What will they write about you? What emotions will come of your memory?

We often think of ourselves as the protagonist in our own stories, yet, more importantly we might want to consider how we might be described in the stories that our loved ones, friends, acquaintances and even strangers write about their interactions with us. Will your memory hold prominence due to your positive actions, demonstrated integrity, personal commitment to supporting people, or might you be dismissed and edited out of the story as irrelevant, and as a character lacking depth and powerful association with the development of the story?

Will you be described as being a “pivitol” character standing by the writer during that life-changing moment, or as an “extra” filling in the long-shot, just outside of the frame? Will they mention how your spirit, heart, mind and soul served to support the positive that was realized in their life?

Will you be the fondly remembered as a thoughtful, careful listener, who, through solution-focused conversation never really told someone what to do, yet taught a lesson or two that could be remembered years later, or as someone who simply pontificated your point of view without ever really listening, demonstrating compassion and/or empathy?

While it has been said that we all can and should write our own verse in this world, with a nod to “Dead Poet’s Society”, what we might want to focus on is a question that might be more apropos. For this question just might be a bit a more important when a measure of our effectiveness is taken.  The question: What verses will be written about you, about your lived character, and about the memories that evoked when someone reflect about you?

The lesson to live is to be the person you want to be remembered as! Be amazing! Be relevant, be pivitol, be constructive, be memorable! Be you! Be part of providing an environment of peace for others, of calm where students can flourish, where students can grow in peace. Peace, in deed!


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    Take some time to be reflective, delay being reactive, then proceed with purpose!

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